“An understanding of Public Health is a critical component of good citizenship and a prerequisite for taking responsibility for building healthy societies.”

Richard Riegelman MD, MPH, PhD


Welcome to FNH 473!

Many of you are taking this course out of your own interest in nutrition, but may be asking what is applied public health nutrition? As current and future leaders in promoting health through nutrition, it is important to understand the impact you can have on populations and groups by using scientific evidence to inform policy, programs, evaluation and research.

Applied public health nutrition is the application of food and nutrition knowledge, policy, and research to improve the health of populations. Regardless of your future career, you can take the basic program planning knowledge and skills learned in this course and apply them across diverse contexts, whether that is in public health nutrition or another area of practice.

Please take some time to review the course Syllabus, and it is always helpful to keep in mind the Learning Outcomes for the course.